The Secret Life Of The Brain Analysis

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1. Connect the concepts presented in the video to course concepts.
After watching the video episode of The Secret Life of the Brain, the course concept that comes to mind are the Frontal lobe (Prefrontal cortex) of the brain and the amygdala. First, when watching the video episode, the episode discussed how the frontal lobe entitles how the brain helps humans to engage with each other and our environment. However, the frontal lobe becomes a contributing factor of how the psychological disorder of depression arises for patients such as, Lauren. For example, the diagnosis of individuals struggling with depression, the Prefrontal cortex quote on quote shuts down and become insufficient to how these individuals interact with others and their environments.
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Regarding how PTSD resonated with me personally, regards to having to configure a capital investment on a type of technology that helps military service members combat the psychological disorder at the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital (Rockford, Illinois-CBOC). In brief, I chosen the capital equipment of implement the computer-based mental comprehension system known as Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy to better assist in helping military PTSD patients to relive their traumatic experience(s) through a virtual gaming system. During The Secret Life of the Brain video episode, the episode discussed how a PTSD patient named Johnny is coping with his traumatic experience from a car accident, by relieving his fear of the car accident. According to The Secret of Life Video (n.d.), “PTSD is more of a reliving experience” …show more content…
For example, from a psychological standpoint, the psychological disorder of depression is different regarding how the psychological disorder compares to other psychological disorders. During Lauren’s bout with her depression, researchers state that depression is unlike most psychological disorders by not showing “Empty” spots in the brain or lesions (The Secret Life of the Brain, n.d., n.p.). Overall, the psychological disorder of depression only shows clinical symptoms and signs from people diagnosis with depression. I will use this information outside of the classroom, but not always thinking that all psychological disorders are not diagnosed equally or show similar signs of

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