Effects Of Caffeine On The Central Nervous System Essay

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Coffee is a drink made from roasted ground beans or seeds. Today, coffee can be served in many ways, such as hot, cold or frozen. People love drinking coffee because it provides caffeine. People also love drinking coffee because it can be used as a stress reliever, it is proven to be good for your health and it is accommodating. People tend to become accustomed to the taste of coffee. Coffee is easy to get and is available in many different flavors, served in many different ways and due to the decaf option even diabetics can have it. Believe it or not drinking coffee can become an addiction. People become addicted to coffee because of the caffeine it contains. This is because caffeine is a stimulant to the central nervous system and regular use of caffeine causes a person to become dependent. Although a caffeine addiction is not as bad as an alcohol addiction, people can still experience withdrawals. I am guilty of having a coffee addiction. I drink coffee each morning when I wake up. On the weekdays before work, I enjoy stopping at Dunkin Donuts. There is a Dunkin Donuts on my way to work and a Dunkin Donuts directly across the street from where I work. On the weekends, I enjoy brewing my own coffee. This week I decided to give coffee a break for 72 hours to determine what it is like to go without coffee, what I learned from going without coffee and how others suffering from addiction might experience.
The experience of giving up coffee was difficult for me. I do not…

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