Analysis Of Charles Duhigg's How Habits Work

Have you ever felt like a habit was affecting you negatively? Habits are routines we have created based on our interactions with everyday life. I want to change my habit of drinking high caffeinated beverages. I want to change this habit, because after reading "How Habits Work" by Charles Duhigg, I got to see a deeper meaning to a habit. I really want to talk about the wonder of caffeine and how it controls me, from my relationships to my health. I want to include how the habit came to be, and what is does for me. Lastly explain how I’m going to change the habit. Summarizing Duhigg’s writing I got to see a deeper meaning to habits.
In “How Habits Work” Charles Duhigg, talks about how everyone has habits, and sometimes they want to change a bad habit that they have acquired. The processes to
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The first plan is to change the high caffeinated drink to stuff that have less caffeine like orange juice or milk in the morning, drink more water in the day, and fruit juice at night for dinner. The second plan is to stop drinking one type of caffeinated drink at a time, and see which one affects me the most in energy wise. The third plan is to not drink one before bed and try to get a good night rest so I don’t have to wake up and start with the morning off caffeine instead use the energy from a goodnights rest. I know the plans won’t work right away, but I plan to work on each one taking different approaches each time. I want to be happy with my family, with the people around me, and with myself.
Every day I have caffeinated beverages, which has become a bad habit I want to change. Everyone has habits, and would like to change those habits. Knowing what the bad habit is, and what’s its doing for you is a good place to start for a change. I know I will have problems fixing my habit, but making plans for myself, gave me a good place to start. The first step to take will be to drink the caffeinated beverages in

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