Book Review: How Habits Work By Charles Duhigg

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Have you ever felt like a habit was affecting you negatively? Habits are routines we have created based on our interactions with everyday life. I want to change my habit of drinking high caffeinated beverages. I want to change this habit, because after reading "How Habits Work" by Charles Duhigg, I got to see a deeper meaning to a habit. I really want to talk about the wonder of caffeine and how it controls me, from my relationships to my health. I want to include how the habit came to be, and what is does for me. Lastly explain how I’m going to change the habit. Summarizing Duhigg’s writing I got to see a deeper meaning to habits.
In “How Habits Work” Charles Duhigg, talks about how everyone has habits, and sometimes they want to change a bad habit that they have acquired. The processes to change a habit isn’t easy according to Duhigg, but can be done with a lot of perseverance. Duhigg uses
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Caffeine provides you with energy to do tasks of everyday life. Caffeinated drinks also have a range of flavors, they can be very sweet, sour, musky, or watery. They are everywhere, and easy to acquire. You can get them from a convenient store, your home, from a restaurant, and even from a friend. My habit starts in the morning with a cup coffee, during the day I drink a Monster, and when the night comes I have a Red Bull. After consuming all this caffeine I don’t sleep at night, which causes me to feel agitated, grumps, I’m tired, my body doesn’t want to work, I have headache, and I snap. When I feel like this I take it out on my family, and immediately I yell at them when something isn’t going right. I know they are going to yell back so it just goes full circle. The next day comes we just don’t talk until everyone has had enough of the silence. Also I refuse to interact with the people around me I just ignore them, I get easily annoyed with them, and look like a jerk. The habit makes me be someone I’m

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