Essay on Effects Of Alcoholism On The United States

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Studies have shown that alcoholism is the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States, with approximately eighty eight thousand deaths per year. A Swedish physician named Magnus Huss invented the term alcoholism in 1849, before that the word used to describe the uncontrollable need to drink alcohol was “dipsomania”. Even from back then, the causes of alcoholism have been examined over and over and it has come to the conclusion that there is no known exact cause. It has been found, though, that there are several factors known to increase the chances of becoming an alcoholic. As any other drug, alcohol brings negative side effects to its most common misusers. Needless to say, alcohol targets not only one body organ, but it basically targets the whole body. Excessive drinking can cause serious permanent damages to the body and as Health Canoe says, “heavy alcohol use increases the risk for almost all diseases.” As the quote mentions, one of alcohols worst side effects is that it opens the doors for almost any disease. With so many alcoholics in the world scientists have been studying the causes and effects of alcoholism ever since alcohol itself was first used.


As mentioned before the exact cause of alcoholism is unknown. Even though the cause is not known, there is a lot of speculation of the different factors that can make a person addicted to alcohol; because of this, alcoholism is called a multifactorial disease. One reason why the exact cause…

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