Underage Drinking Effects

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The effect of underage drinking on America.

By the time 8th grade is over, most young adults have drank alcohol before. Most have all gone to a party and known what is like to be drunk at such young age. Parents seem not to know what their child is up to once they leave the house. What’s going to happen the day their child never comes home all because their child got in a car wreck for being drunk. Underage drinking is most likely to kill young people than all illegal drugs combined. Apart from it being illegal, underage drinking can cause a high risk for both individual and society.

Majority of the teenagers drive now, motor vehicle crashes are leading causes among youth ages of 15 to 20. Teenagers are already at risk due to lack of driving experience. Driving drunk at such a young age is a risk no underage kid should take. Youŕe not just
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Parents can prevent it, teachers at school can talk about it and discuss the effects, people who are addicts can talk to younger kids about their problem with alcohol. Make them realize that it can end their lives or just put them in rehab, where no teenager would want to be just because of their choice of drinking or abusing other drugs. Only underage kids can stop themselves from doing those things. Listening to the people who have a drinking problem will make a difference but it all depends on the teenagers if they actually put attention and understand that it could take their life away. We all make a choice on what we do and why we do it. Only we can decide from the right and wrong, underage kids can too. Some of them take the wrong path and end up addicted to something they can no longer have control over. Alcohol has killed a bunch of people, car crash, health problems, depression etc. Kids should understand the problems they can get into by drinking at their age. Society has made it seem that by drinking you 'll have a good time when it’s not

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