Effects Of Alcohol On The Body Essay

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Effects of alcohol on the body Alcohol is described as a depressant, it is everywhere, at parties, in restaurants and in millions of citizen’s homes. Financial struggles, family disputes and even just the desire of a “good time” are all reasons why 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes each year (“Alcohol Facts and Statistics”). Those who consume alcohol do not understand that the long-term effects of alcohol on the body are far worse than the symptoms that drove the victim to consume it. To say the least, alcohol leads to a noticeable amount of weight gain. The reasoning is not only behind the happy hour and half price appetizers that come with it, and Sunday hangovers spent in bed all day avoiding exercise are not the main cause; although these both surely lead to weight gain, the reasoning behind alcohol and weight gain is much deeper than that. Take notice that one beer contains 140-200 calories, equivalent to one slice of pizza. Now one slice of pizza definitely will not add 20 pounds to your scale, in spite of that, on a night out at the club or the bar, drinking one beer is almost impossible. For alcoholics or those who drink alcohol every weekend, the slices of pizzas add up and so do the numbers on the weight scale. Fat will build up in the body because the body desperately wants to get rid of the alcohol, so it spends all of it’s time trying to do so; meanwhile nutrients throughout the body are not getting absorbed and fat is not being burned. Besides the…

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