Effects Of Alcohol On The Body Essay

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When the body becomes exposed to chronic exposure to alcohol the body will adapt to changes thus causing different responses to it. A person that drinks alcohol all the time will build up a tolerance to alcohol and will not get the effect as a person that drinks once and while or rarely drinks. The brain will start to develop a pathological craving for alcohol, longer the chronic drinker uses alcohol the stronger the desires become to fulfill them. If the body does not get the desired fix of alcohol once it becomes addicted to it, individuals will develop side effect from lack of alcohol. Some of these side effects are anxiety, elevated heart beat, overwhelming feeling of restlessness and sweating (NEUROSCIENCE: PATHWAYS TO ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE, 2009).
The body has a filter to help protect it self and screen the blood from the digestive system. One of the functions of the liver is to process and filter the blood stream from toxic chemicals; also this is where medications are metabolized. When it comes to alcohol it help filter the ethanol from the body, and is how it distributed through the body to various system within the body.
The long-term effect of alcohol causes damage to the brain. The effects that alcohol has had on the frontal lobes and cerebral regions of the brain can be seen on fMRI scans of the brain. The frontal lobes of the brain controls the executive functions of the brain, these functions are our individual personality qualities that make us who we are. This…

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