Krabbe Disease Essay

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Krabbe Disease

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “Krabbe Disease is a rare, inherited degenerative disease” ( It is diagnosed when a presence of globoid cells are found. Those are cells with more than one nucleus. A nucleus is like the brain of the cell where all the action happens. This disease breaks down the coating of nerve fibers or axons, those are called Myelin Sheath. This disease also breaks down brain cells which are imperative for everyday functioning and intelligence. This causes impairment of motor and mental skills. Krabbe disease is caused by a lack of an essential enzyme that myelin needs for metabolism, or its own energy. This enzyme is called galactocerebrosidase.
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The Center of Disease Control, CDC, did not have any information regarding Krabbe Disease. The NINDS was easy to read, clearly formatted and easy to understand ( NINDS website is even equipped with a listening device that will read the text for you ( The NINDS website also includes organizations that support or give more information regarding Krabbe Disease. Those organizations share their physical address, phone number and websites …show more content…
I appreciated the CDC website a little more as it was thoroughly written to inform the reader. The NIDA gave statistical information like drug related hospital emergency room visits, highs school trends and overall nationwide statistics. However the CDC offers more health related information that can arise out of the use of methamphetamine. It connects the use of meth with HIV/AIDS. I appreciate how the CDC displays the information in a daunting manner. Reading about meth, through the CDC made me more afraid of meth than the NIDA did. The NIDA also contains a note section that contains other information and studies that are very helpful with bringing the reality of meth use to the reader. The CDC does not directly have a website platform for meth as does NIDA. It is disappointing that the CDC, a leader in health information, for the US, does not have a page informing the population of the effects of methamphetamines. With how problematic and destructive meth is, across the United States, one would assume that the CDC would cover the subject, in its

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