Essay on Effectiveness Of The Provided Training Program

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Volleyball Research Essay

The following essay will compare and evaluate the effectiveness of the provided training program in contrast to the redesigned program. The redesigned training program was specifically based on the players fitness test results, and what is required to be improved to achieve optimal performance for their position.

The provided volleyball-training program was very limited; there was no specificity of the players position, or what season it is throughout. Because of this, there were few strengths and weaknesses to base the relevance of the program on.
Firstly, however, an essential positive aspect within the training program is that it included Strength Training. While it was unclear what season the program was throughout, strength training is an important aspect during every season of training, to induce progression so they athlete doesn’t fall into reversibility. The definition of strength training is “A type of physical exercise specialised in the use of resistance which builds strength and anaerobic endurance” and this can be achieved when an athlete continuously and consistently does certain exercises, such as weights, with overload and increased intensity.
Despite strength training being a positive in the program, a negative aspect was that the athlete did the same single session once a week. The strength session included the bench press, lat pull downs, squats, lunges, and calf raises. By doing strength sessions once a week, it diminishes…

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