Effectiveness Of Self Management Education Interventions Essay

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Purpose The purpose of this article is to evaluate the effectiveness of self-management education interventions in relation to medication management, re-hospitalizations, relapse, psychiatric symptoms, and psychosocial functioning in adults with schizophrenia.
Design/Method The method of research was a meta-analysis with the following specific criteria: randomized control trial; greater than eighteen years of age; a diagnosis of schizophrenia; control group with standardized or waitlist care; outcomes focused to: relapse, re-hospitalization, medication adherence; symptoms and psychosocial functioning; and studies reviewed by an institutional ethics committee. A variety of electronic databases were researched using keywords such as: self-manage, schizophrenia, symptom manage, teach, etc. Also, two authors independently reviewed each study for possible inclusion into the final meta-analysis. In addition, a Jadad scale was applied to assess the quality of the selected studies with the following specified criteria: randomization; double-blinded; withdrawals and dropouts; method of randomization; and appropriate blinding methods. A heterogeneity I2-test was applied to examine any inconsistencies. Lastly, a confidence level of 95% was used to evaluate the effect size.
Sample/Setting After review and exclusion according to the above criteria 13 randomized control trials included for meta-analysis. A total of 1404 participants were included in these selected studies. The…

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