Essay on Effective Listening Between Parents And Their Children

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I. Introduction-We will do a quick preview of what is coming up in the seminar.
II. Barriers-There are barriers that can get in the way of effective listening between parents and their children especially teenagers. We are going to highlight the barriers of attention span, active listening, and distractions.
A. Attention Span
1. Comic- We are going to act out a comic shows the difference in speech when you have someone’s attention and situation when you don’t have their situation.
2. Problems- The child came to a different conclusion when the parent was listening versus the parent not listening.
3. Activity- We are going to test our participant’s attention span, by having them listen to a boring paragraph.
4. Solution- The slide will list some tips to improve your attention span.
B. Active Listening
1. Video Clip- the Everybody Loves Raymond clip shows Raymond in a parenting class learning the importance of active listening.
2. Solutions- Solutions that we found included advice involving listening with an open mind, without distractions, and devoting all of your attention.
C. Distractions- Distractions can impeded effective listening. Distractions can be physical, mental, or auditory.
1. Video Clip- We are going to show a clip of Louis from Family Guy not listening to her son, Stewie, because of her physical distraction of drowsiness.
2. Solution- We have provided tips can help parents and teens discipline themselves, so they are less distracted to improve listening.…

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