Effective Communication In Social Work

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This assignment will attempt to demonstrate knowledge of different types of communication within social work, it will look at the importance of a relationship approach, explain why hostility may be present with service users, and their views on effective communication, whilst drawing on my experiences with service users L and apply theories to my practice.

Effective communication lies at the heart of all social work practice, it is demonstrated when using advocacy, making assessments, writing reports and working in multi-disciplinary teams, as well as these there are other times when communication is used; without communication these tools would not be able to happen (Parris, 2012).
Within my placement I am working with carers, the aim and purpose of this is to help assess and provide all the help and support available to them to aid in their caring roles. Visits can either take place within the home or an alternative setting dependant on the suitability for the service user. When conducting my work, it is essential to apply professional values (PCF, domain 2, 2012) in a non-judgemental, anti-discriminatory, empathetic way to warrant service users will feel comfortable sharing their stories with me. although, personal values are in the for front of the mind and. When with the service users many different types of communication are used to help understand both
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I was able to use verbal communication through active listening; active listening is a skill that incorporates the social worker listening to the service user followed with an answer in a constructive format (Cournoyer, 2007). By doing this it made sure my service user felt listened to and felt encourage to continue expressing how she was feeling, to enable me to assess what support is already in place and if any additional support is needed that would best suit her

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