Essay on Effective Communication For Health Care Facilities

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Policies and procedures are changed and implemented constantly in health care facilities. These changes are done to ensure that safe and quality patient care is being delivered. Miscommunication is one of the leading contributors to patient harm. Over the years, there has been an increase of emphasis on effective communication to reduce the risks of miscommunication among health care workers. Shift report is the most frequent communication between health care personnel. Effective communication is a critical part in providing safe and quality patient care. Effective communication is also essential during shift report in order to provide safe care and meet the goals of the patient. Shift report between nurses has traditionally been preformed away from the bedside. Shift report commonly occurred at the nurse’s station or outside of the patient’s room where patient information is exchanged in an informal way where it does not involve the patient or patient family. Shift report from one nurse to another has key components that include: diagnoses and current condition of the patient, medications given or due, isolation status, recent changes in condition or treatment, anticipated changes in condition or treatment, and what the next nurse should watch for or prepare for during their shift. Many hospitals are trying a new type of shift report called bedside report. Bedside report has many advantages and disadvantages. In 2009, The Joint Commission (TJC) identified the need for…

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