Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Essay

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management
The current and growing shortage of nurses is posing a real threat to the ability of hospitals, long-term care facilities, and others to provide timely access to quality care. Nurse staffing shortages and nurse turn-over contributes to the growing reduction in the number of staffed patient beds available for services, increasing costs, and rising concerns about the quality of care. Health care organizations highly depend on nurse managers and leaders to reverse this trend. This paper discusses the reasons for nursing shortage and turn-over, different approaches to solve this issue, and my personal philosophy about this issue.
Nursing Shortage and Nurse Turn-Over
Nursing shortage is
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Nurse manager should encourage nurses to go for higher education and allow them to change their position to prevent nursing burnout. Nurse manager can also upgrade the technology to reduce workload of the nurses such as technologies for lifting patients (stretcher bed), lift teams, bariatric equipments, transport teams and proper training for body balance. Nursing job is very stressful so the managers should appreciate and award nurses for the work they do (Nevidjon & Erickson, 2001).
Increase the Supply of Nurses
To overcome nursing shortage, nurse managers and leaders can recruit increased number of nursing students to the nursing program. Nurse manager can organize community programs to create interest among young people towards nursing program and offer them scholarships. They can also arrange community outreach programs to encourage the people to know more about nursing and let them aware that nursing is a good profession. Nurse manager can encourage the organization to lobby the law makers to permit hiring of nurses from abroad. These strategies can reduce the overall nursing shortage throughout the country by increasing the supply of nurses (Nevidjon & Erickson, 2001).
Screening Out Job Candidate with Poor “Job Fit”
One of the major factors of nursing turn-over is hiring candidates with unrealistic expectation about their

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