Effect Of A Financial Collapse On The World Wide Economy Essay

788 Words Nov 7th, 2016 4 Pages
When thinking of a potential solution for to fix or prevent this detrimental effects of a financial collapse on the world-wide economy you want to start with the unfair government systems in America. A change within some branches of government could the fix and once the economy is repaired here a ripple effect will begin and spread the positives and negatives of the changes. Much as it did when it was ruining the economy, it will help to rebuild. Although it will not be a quick process, it will take years to build the confidence back up with consumers around the world. Countries will be very cautious of deals make with one another due to fear of another fall out and leaving them bankrupt and without work.
The first step in reversing the economic cycle back into the positives is to start with government reform. Currently being in a state in which Herbert J. Gans called “The Long Recession” in his article “The Western Economies Are Not Strong Enough: Seeking a Political Solution to the Economy’s Problems” (2014, p. 54) Our economy is weakened which could lead to a downfall with the upcoming change in the President. They themselves along with those who decide how the political process works need an overhaul to make everyone’s voice heard and equal in representation. Policy’s need to be reformed to increase the possibility of mobility and create economic growth without growing the national debt. If the economy does not help the people the people cannot help the economy. As Gans…

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