Essay on Educational Purpose And Career Goals

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My parents also encouraged me to infer, ask questions, and use my background knowledge to seek answers to questions I did not know. My father was a college professor of mathematics and my mother was a grocery store manager. Between them, they acquired multiple degrees. With their support, my parents encouraged me to seek college and post-collegiate degrees. As an educator, I have always believed in and practiced the philosophy of life-long learning that was instilled in me as a child. I am a strong believer that accomplished educators have a professional responsibility to increase the quality of the learning process both for the students in which they teach and for themselves. Since becoming a teacher, it has been my goal to help reinforce reading and literacy fundamentals. Consequently creating generational effects to aid in the socio-economic advancement of children of the 21st Century.
Professional Purpose and Career Goals Reading and Literacy is the foundation for learning. Literacy is the ability to read and write. Reading is the ability to read written or printed text silently or aloud. The Matthew Effects states the more a child reads or engages in reading, the broader the vocabulary will be and the opposite holds true for poor readers (Stanovich, 1986). Reading comprehension mean students can understand what they are reading and can use the vocabulary in writing. A student will be more willing to read if they can comprehend the text. I have…

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