Essay about Educational Genealogy : My Life

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Educational genealogy
My mother graduated from high school in the 1980 's. She then went to a community college and received her nursing degree. From there, she went to a university and completed her bachelors degree to become an RN. My father did not finish high school and now he works minor city jobs when he gets them. My grandfather and grandmother graduated from high school in the 1950 's. Once graduated, he went to serve the military. After, he went to college and completed his english degree. My grandmother stayed home to take care of her children but later joined the work force. My aunt graduated from high school in the early 1990 's and then went to a university for two years. After marriage a year later, she went back and finished her degree. She just completed her masters in education last year. My best friend of thirteen years graduated from high school in 2001 and went on to serve the military. Once she completed two terms she went to college to become a chef and graduated in 2013.

Educational genealogy questions:

Academically speaking, how do you compare yourself to the other members of your educational genealogy? Mostly, I followed in the same steps as my family. Most of them stopped for various reasons but went back and got their degrees which is what I am doing. Even though, the ones that completed didn 't go straight through without stopping, they still went back and finished. This gives me hope that I will do the same.

2. What made you decide to…

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