Educational Experience For Children With Disabilities Essay

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Ideal Educational Experience
Cheryl D. Michel
Brandman University

Educational Experience Teaching Math to Children with Disabilities

I chose to write this paper on an actual teaching experience that I was recently afforded the opportunity to be a part of. Over the recent summer vacation in lieu of teaching students at my usual place of employment, I decided to seek an opportunity where I could offer my teaching/tutoring skills as a volunteer. I thought that since I would be offering free services, many schools would willingly take advantage of the opportunity, several of the schools offering extended after school resources were excited to hear of my offer. I received an opportunity to work in an elementary school with third and fourth grade students who exhibited challenges in the subject of math. I gladly took the opportunity oblivious of the fact that many of the students I was assigned were suffering from various learning disabilities including autism spectrum disorders. Since typically this is the population I teach doing the regular school year I felt assured that I would be able to help these children. Teaching young children at times can be interesting but once faced with students on the autism spectrum as well as other having other “learning disabilities”, the experience can be quite challenging thus, requiring one to seek supportive teaching strategies and aids for success. I was given seven students who were believed…

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