Essay on Education Reform During The Late Nineteenth Century

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Throughout the United States, state governments have been continuous leaders for education reform beginning in the late eighteenth century, even though most decisions were still acted upon by local communities. As the responsibilities of state governments grew, so did their influence over education, even though the federal government still lacked a significant say in education policy. However, the move towards increasing federal oversight and control over education made significant progress beginning in 1970s following decades of tension between the federal and state governments in regards to who has the power to dictate education decisions. The move for increased federal control spurned out of multiple Supreme Court decisions that recognized education not as a fundamental right to Americans, but rather an important function that allows basic institutions and citizens to improve through increasing the knowledge of all citizens (Haubenreich, 2012). In 1983, the United States Department of Education released a report titled A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Education Reform, which cited how American students were underperforming in schools compared to their international counterparts, with standardized test scores and lack of basic skills being cited as primary exhibits of America’s educational shortcomings. As a result of this report, education became of a national issue, with reforms and programs being pushed at the federal level to boost student achievement as well as…

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