Education Plays An Important Role In Personal And Professional Life

For a person, education plays an important role in their personal and professional lives. Having a good career provides them a more desirable lifestyle by making them economically stable and likewise it also strengthen their self confidence. And more often, education works as an instrument to be successful in this world. Being educated more often, changes an individual 's view on the society. In addition, the educational experiences a person gaining in their college life help them throughout their whole life. Because they are going to imply the knowledge of their education to improve their social and professional lifestyle. In other words, education is a source that can help individuals to develop personally, professionally and socially,
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Because in order to work in a professional field an individual needs a educational back ground. Moreover, the education gives the experience and knowledge to operate the advanced instruments to avoid the accidents. Because According to National Center of Education Statistics, “ The percentage of the adult population who were employed was higher in 2014 than at the end of the recent recession in 2010” . To add on, education is an important aspect to determine the market needs by improving the skills of a person in that required work field. Education acts as a foundation for the development of the modern technology. The skills that an individual gains during their educational experiences lead the real life towards new discoveries.As Steve Jobs said, “Its the technology married with liberal arts, with humanities that yeild us the result that make our heart sing”. As he explains in his quote that education is important to achieve the new possibilities of technology. Furthermore, these new discoveries also improve lifestyle and the comfort zone. in addition , the technology also helps to meet the food and industrial demand of the society. So maybe that 's why, being educated is the first requirement to be employed in the …show more content…
Moreover, education provides a better and successful life for an individual, because it gives new ideas to an individual for their development and financially stability in society. In addition to, education provides the opportunity to look at modern challenges and problems, and thus providing a solution to problems like poverty, unemployment and environmental issues. Because most of the time punctuality, organization. being accountable, maturity and leadership all these qualities came through college life. These things also enhance a person 's character and knowledge. This knowledge helps the person to make good relations in the society and make him proud of himself. As an example, most of the time my cousins got help by me because being in a college and in a medical field. If they want to start their journey in medical field I always help with them with the studies and give a general description about the courses. All these things makes me feel about myself and also encourage me to help more peoples out. In general, education helps an individual by enhancing their ideas to make this world a better place to

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