Education Is The Process Of Sharing Knowledge Essay

1001 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Out of the three topics to write about for this essay, I decided to choose education, the reason choosing so would be because education is the process of sharing knowledge (and wisdom) to the new generations so we can further ourselves as a whole and continue our existence as a species on this planet. I will mostly write what I believe our system has faults with and how the system itself could be improved. While our current system is decent enough to function, it’s not reaching its full potential for being effective. The educational system we have now is the same one we used back in the 17th century, which during the time began using factories to mass produce. The education was centered on teaching the basic knowledge so the next generation could work in the factories and already have the basics to be ready to get put to work. But they didn’t have the same technology or ideas that we currently have now, which means there are more careers then just factory work. However the system hasn’t adjusted to the change of technology and ideas as much as I believe. The type of educational system we require now needs to encourage more creativity, artistic views, morality, and open minded teachings. Creative and artistic people can create and bring something new, like a new way to travel or an invention to cure diseases. It can teach people to branch themselves out and explore not only the world around them but their inner selves. They can find their own place in this world,…

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