Education Is The Most Precious Treasure Of Human Life Essay

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EDUCATION The gradual process of acquiring knowledge through study and instruction is simply known as education. The term ‘education’ itself carries a broad sense it cannot be explained by employing fewer words and logics. Education is the most precious treasure of human life. Through education, a person’s knowledge can be enhanced. Education is like a seed on a fertile soil, that if the seed received enough sunlight, water and air it will grow to a big tree that can give fresh fruits and shelter. Education praises to the top of the world and helps to reach the ambition of life. But without education, people is like a sleeping shrimp in a running river, who just follow the wave of the water and wait for nothing wherever the river will lead them. Hence, only education can lead a person to the right path and it can provide a grateful life. Education should be a privilege to any human, a priceless jewel that can make anybody rich and fill them with eternal knowledge. Education is a continuous and life long process. It brings a great change in our life. Life becomes prosperous and meaningful. It is the foundation of human development. Education is considered as the third eye of human beings. Education is that property which cannot be stolen and help to do right judgment in life. We can walk any difficult journeys with patience and hope with education. Education teaches us to be civilized and it makes people responsible. Education is the source of galvanization. It…

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