General Education Policy Speech

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My policy speech will persuade my audience that the General Education Planning and Oversight Task Force at the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) to reform Penn State’s general education program with a distribution requirement, in approach of achieving more personalized and cohesive educational program that better supplements or complements students’ focused field of study.
The formal entity I am identifying as the policy-maker is the General Education Planning and Oversight Task Force at Penn State. This is because it consists of selected faculty and administrators who are in charge of overseeing, planning and changing the general education curriculum.
The currently practiced general education curriculum is categorized as a “cafeteria
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This is because my audience and I are all a Penn State student who are required fulfill the same general education curriculum for graduation. I believe that my audience will already have an opinion regarding this issue; if not, they will be able to develop an opinion, good, bad or neutral, because they are relevant to this issue. This commonality among us will allow my audience to understand the issue and allow me to introduce my opinion and further convince them that my proposed solution should be considered and enacted.
I believe there will be a mixture of strengthening commitment and conviction. My speech will strengthen commitment of those who already share the same stance as me. This is because I am proposing a better direction to approach of requiring general education curriculum. As for conviction, I believe my speech will introduce this problem to those who lacked interest, persuade them that a problem exists and convince them my solution is a better method of requiring general education
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I will be using their founding from interviews, observations and researches in my speech. In explanation of identifying my purpose, I have already quoted these reports. Another piece of evidence will be a research article published in Science Education in 2009, Depth Versus Breadth: How Content Coverage in High School Courses Relates to Later Success in College Science Coursework. This research presents a study done to explain whether depth or breadth is more important in education. The sample includes “8310 students in introductory biology, chemistry, or physics courses in 55 randomly chosen U.S. colleges and universities” (Schwartz et al.). It categorized students by those who reported to have taken at least 1 major science topic in depth and those who reported to have covered all major science topics. The overall outcome of this research is “teaching for depth is associated with improvements in later performance” (Schwartz et al) in which suggests the importance of focusing on student’s chosen major rather than shifting his focus on general education irrelevant to his

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