Education Is Important For College Essay

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Instead of forcing this idea of a degree as the only option, teachers and educators around the world should be encouraging open mindedness and choices. Over the years, being accepted and attending a college has become a rite of passage for high school graduates, however that was not always the case. The realization that needs to happen is that education is important; college is not (Hansen). There are so many other avenues that educators can promote that can equally lead to success just as much as obtaining a college degree can. Options exist such as going straight into the workforce, traveling, volunteering, learning a trade, joining the military, etc. (Hansen). Students deserve and have the right to know what all is out there, and by teachers only encouraging one option, high school graduates are almost more susceptible to failure. Choices exist because every student is different in how they think, act and feel, and sometimes, the choice of achieving a degree is not as appealing to some students as others. When students realize it is okay to believe this, they will not think of themselves as a disappointment or a failure for not obtaining a college education. Jillian Gordon, a teacher who promotes other options besides colleges says, “A bachelor’s degree is not a piece of paper that says ‘You’re a success!’ just as the lack of one doesn’t say ‘You’re a failure!’” (Gordon). Once educators accept this reality, students will begin to have a more open choice in what path is…

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