Education Is Important, And Considered A Great Equalizer Essay

1602 Words Nov 28th, 2015 null Page
Education is historically important, and considered a great equalizer in American society and all over the world for both the rich and the poor, and is capable of lifting up disadvantaged people in our society, and meets the ordinant dictations of a growing economy. Today, education is becoming less and less of a priority due to the achievement range between individuals in the lower and middle classes, compared to the upper class which is said to be a threat because as this priority decreases in value, the economy is spiraling downward and backwards in development, however income inequality may be hugely impacted in the American economy through free community college.
Though considering free community college in America may bring concerns such as overpopulation in community colleges, competition in employment, grade inflation and the problem of insufficient funding of California colleges because of their already low tuition. There would be less concern for considering free community college if compared to the advantage that most people will achieve, along with reducing the income inequality in America, that may result in an increase in the financial safety net of most people, a higher rate of degrees, and diversity and a positive increase in economic development in America. Free community education can play a major role in an increase in financial safety net of people in our society. One of the largest financial burdens most families carries is their children’s…

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