Education For Children With Special Needs Essay

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Inclusive education main purpose is that it is a chance for disabilities students to have education. Now, it is known as special education inclusion. In the article of “Special Education Inclusion”, special education is referring to an education for disabilities children which mean that it is a placement in a special class or a special school. Disability students can bring out themselves by integrated system. They also may become an important influence from other. Disability children share the equal right as other. They can learn together with other students. The goal for it, is for them to receive support they need to be successful. In the article of “Including Children with Special Needs in Regular Classrooms: Pros and Cons”, states that it is for disabilities student to learn in natural and stimulating environments. It also states that in the past, they don’t have access to public schools, housing, and healthcare. But, with this opportunity, they now can have access to it. It took a lot of work to accomplish this goal. They have to go through the government for ending institutionalization, financing, guarantee the right to nondiscrimination, learning from what works, partnerships and participation, capacity building and awareness raising. Then, for the right of access and full participation in quality education, disabilities students try by removing the barriers to inclusive education, working and supporting parents, early childhood and care services, ensuring access and…

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