Essay Education Disparity Within The Nation

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Education Disparity Within the Nation

What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside a person who can’t afford an education? As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” It is a tool that can change the workings of the world by bringing various ideas together to create something new. Nevertheless, today’s education is diminishing around the world because only privileged people have a chance to experience it; therefore education should be accessible to everyone, no matter what disparity is evident. Adolescents, who are classified as “unworthy,” do not receive an equal opportunity to experience a higher education, which contributes to the lack of academics necessary for a student’s future. About thirty years ago, America was the leader in giving out the highest rated amount of diplomas, however, the nation is now ranked 36th in the world, which reflects how education plummeted as well. In today’s society, several disparities are present among adolescents that are pursuing higher education.

Regarding education disparity, gender plays a significant role in the imbalance of education. Males and females are not given the same opportunities because men are seen more superior than women, which is evident in the course of history. For example, all forty-three presidents of the United States of America have been male. As a result of gender inequality, women’s chances in job opportunity is affected. In the article,…

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