The Importance Of Education Inequality

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Education Inequality Education is a very important part of a childhood, as well as adult life, and like many other topics in the U.S, there is a significant inequality about it. Money, the fundamental part of life. You either have it or you do not, and whether you do or not will significantly change the path of your life. It determines what house you live in, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and unfortunately, also your education. In the past, the main separation when it came to education was not money but race. The gap between white and black test scores has reduced significantly. “By 2012, the test-score deficit of black 9-, 13- and 17-year-olds in reading and math had been reduced as much as 50 percent compared with what it was …show more content…
It is even difficult for some middle class families to afford their children’s college, not to mention the lower-income families who are struggling enough as it is. “For example, 82 percent of affluent students who had SAT scores over 1200 graduate from college. In contrast, only 44 percent of low-income students with the same high SAT scores graduate from college ” (Bernstein.) The lower class students were not denied their graduation due to their scores, since they got the same as other students, so we can determine the main cause was money. We live in a country where students who have full potential are held back due to their wealth status. A child of low-income may get the same scores, or even higher, than some more fortunate students but will be denied his education for the simple purpose of not having money. Education is very important in this country and in our society, the more educated you are, the higher chances of being successful. That is the flaw, in order to make money with a steady job, an education is required, but in order to get that education you must already have money. In Animal farm there is no form of currency on the farm, so instead, their food and such is determine by their significance/power on the farm and its caste system. For example, the pigs get more food and a better place to live due to them being the most powerful. They also get a much better education. All the pigs are taught how to read, write, and do other things such as walk on hind legs. The less powerful animals on the farm, such as the sheeps are very disregarded when it comes to education. The dogs get a full education due to their importance to Napoleon, unlike the other animals such as the sheep. Napoleon states “...the education of the young was more important than anything that could be done to those who were already grown up…” During the time on the farm a dog gave birth to 9 puppies and

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