Education Assessment Strategies Essay

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Assessment Strategies
There are a number of approaches that can be designed in order to measure the effectiveness of nurses in hospitals and the nursing colleges. Of the great importance is to understand that nursing is a very critical profession to human life. In this regard, there should be no room for guesswork or mistakes when carrying out this noble activity. In order to avoid the mistakes and to produce perfect outcome, there should be developed satisfying assessment strategies that would guarantee the effectiveness of the nurses both at their training and places of work. The developed assessment strategies should also conform to the personal digital assistants (PDAs) technology which helps in ensuring the nurses’
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The reporting ranges from the diagnosis of the patients’ ailments, and the possible remedies for the treatment of those ailments. The presentations are made to the supervisors at the hospitals or their course instructors in the case of students. It is important to keep it in mind that these presentations should be accurate in such a way that shows that they are competent in the profession (Schiemer, 2000). The other form or strategy of assessment is by the use of teacher-made exams that are designed for the nurses. This is a method of evaluation that is meant to weigh up the skills the nurses have practically learnt in the field. The benefit of these tests is that they are capable of distinguishing the high performers from the low performers through the grading process (Kendall & Hollon, 1981). Standardized tests and quizzes are also developed for nurses and their purpose is almost the same as the exams. That is to mean that they are meant to provide an analysis of knowledge and understanding of the nursing skills student or nurses that the students and nurses have acquired. The exams and tests have also the benefit of disallowing the students who have failed them from entering into the practice. There are other basic and direct strategies that are applied in the assessment of the nursing practitioners. These strategies require a direct monitoring in order to decipher the level of the nurses’ problem solving skills. The first strategy is to

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