Educating White Children On White Privilege Essay

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Educating white children on white privilege is not as straightforward as it may seem. One study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology suggests that when presented with evidence of white privilege, white people actually respond with denial on the basis of personal hardships (Phillips, Lowry 12-18). The study also states that understanding privilege, “requires a comparison to someone of another group membership with the same life circumstances” (Phillips, Lowry 12-18). If white children feel that they have things in common with minorities, they will feel more sympathetic towards minorities. Thus, educating white children on white privilege and institutional racism requires that they feel empathetic towards the victims of institutional racism.
One way to evoke an empathetic response towards someone of another racial group is through racial integration. Racial integration, while keeping other aspects of identity relatively fixed, can be done in a multitude of ways. Enrolling white children in diverse or immersion local public schools is perhaps the simplest way of accomplishing integration without sacrificing fixed identity outside of race. This is because non-race demographics of public schools tend to be relatively constant. That is, most students belong to the same economic background, same region of the country, and if the school is a public magnet school, have similar interests ("What Are Magnet Schools?" However, this solution may be difficult to…

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