Educating Students With All Parents, Regardless Of Their Socioeconomic Statues

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I believe that it is important for teachers to communicate with all parents, regardless of their socioeconomic statues. Teachers should always start the communications by mentioning positive things about the student. If the teachers focus on the negatives, the parents will feel that their children are failures. At the same time, teachers should communicate in a way that the parents do not feel as inferior beings. As mentioned in the reading, all parents hold big expectations for the role that schools will play in the life chances of their children. One action that I have put in place when communicating to these groups is to go directly to the communities. I am aware that in many occasions, the parents cannot attend the parent-teacher conferences because they are working at those times, or because they do not have transportation to go to the school. By visiting them in their communities, the parents will sense that the teacher honestly care for his/her students.

I consider that the author utilize the terms such as competitive and performance mentality, as a way to describe the attitudes of many affluent parents. In many occasions, affluent parents are always living in a competition. Therefore, they want their children to succeed in all aspects in life, as a way to continue their status in society. For them, everything is about performance and results, sometimes without considering the human and socialization aspects that take place in the schools.
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