School Board Meeting Analysis

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Political Influence: School Board Meeting I attended the school board meeting on Tuesday the twentieth of September. While I was there I realized how school board meetings have a huge impact on the students and families that are living in the area. A school board meeting can have a positive and a negative impact on the students and families concerning academic and extracurricular activities. While I was at the school board meeting an award was given to a young girl who was helpful and respectful not only in the classroom, but throughout the school. She would go out of her way to help a student to make her feel welcome, and would volenteer to help anyone at anytime. School Board Meetings will affect my future career as an elementary …show more content…
The teacher that allowed me to observe her conferences was the first grade teacher. The conferences that I observed usually lasts thirty minutes, but also depends on the student 's educational needs, behavior, or if the teacher needed to discuss the student 's educational needs. This teacher would contact the parents of her students if there were behavior or academic issues as soon as they happened. By doing this the guardians would not have any surprises when they were at the parent teacher meeting and time could be spent on the student 's educational improvements. The teacher would spend her own time preparing lessons, and activities to help the students that have a lower IRI test score. Also for students that needed extra help with numbers and math skills. I observed two parent teacher conferences, one with a student that was academically ahead of their peers, and then a student that was academically behind their peers. One student lived with their parents and the other student just moved in with their grandparents due to his parents facing jail time. One parent worried about her child’s IRI test scores and was wondering what she needed to help her child with reading. The teacher told the parent that her child was where he needed to be. One student was behind the rest of the students in the classroom, and his parents wanted to know what they could do to better …show more content…
The students in the class would bully each other due to their friends influencing them to think that way and their cultural backgrounds. She gathered that making it through the day without being shot was hard enough. To have student write about their felling she had each student write in a diary about their lives. She told them she would not read them unless they would like her to. Most of the students allowed Erin to read their diaries. By reading the diaries she was able to understand what each student went through. She wanted to read stories that was similar to their lives. The school was not supportive to Erin and her decisions to She said that the students were capable to learn therefore she got extra jobs to pay for trips, guest speakers, books, and fundraisers to teach her students to benifit the students education. One of the books that the students read was the Diary of Anne Frank. The students enjoyed the book they held fundraisers to fund the lady that held Anne Frank to come visit their school. She gave the students opportunities that they never had before and because of the respect she gave each student they began to respect her. Erin earned respect form all of the students and helped the students believe that their lives matter. She would stay after school and help students

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