Essay about Educating Students Into Self Directed Learner

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Overview of Heutagogy
With our society on the fast track with technology in this twenty – first century, it is only fitting that we have incorporated heutagogy learning in higher education. Knowles pedagogy theory is designed to teach kids and young adults in a formal educational setting. Andragogy theory is generally used in adult learning. This theory identifies adults as being more self-directed with little supervision from an instructor or facilitator. Furthermore the advantage of andragogy concept is for adults to transform from being dependent student into self-directed learner. As adults, we are prepared to learn, drawing from our experiences and relating it to our educational experiences and not taking anything for granted.
This journal speaks about the rapid rate of change in society, with the easy access to information due to the popularity of technology. We have to adapt to a new form of education to stay current with society. Hase, S., & Kenyon, C. (2000, pg. 2) suggests that we should now be looking at an educational approach where it is the learner himself who determines what and how learning should take place. This form of learning is called heutagogy. With this form of learning adults are accountable for their own learning with a little bit of assistance from a facilitator or instructor. Adults can utilize not only the aptitude to be self-directed but also their competence to incorporate their everyday experiences into their education.
Hase, S., & Kenyon,…

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