Essay on Educating Children And Their Families About Health Eating

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The dietician’s role is to give advice to children and their families about health eating. They are responsible for devising a healthy eating plans or list of foods that can and cannot be eaten, when someone has an allergy, food intolerance or is overweight.
The educational psychologist’s role is to assess children to determine whether they have a special educational need. They are responsible for suggesting ways childcare practitioners can support and help the child make progress in their learning and development.
The counsellor’s role is to help children and families to express and understand their feelings and emotions. They are responsible for talking to both children and their about family’s things they may find difficult or painful in order for them to understand them better, and to help them find their own solutions.
Multidisciplinary Approach - Responsibilities of Early years professionals working in partnership
Childcare practitioners need to work in partnership with others -respecting the views and opinions of others, be non-judgemental, maintain confidentiality, pass on any concerns to the relevant person, be aware of time frames and most importantly place the child first when working in partnership with others.
Respecting views and opinion of others is important as the professionals involved have a wealth of knowledge and experience - in-depth knowledge or personal experiences in supporting children, so it is important not to be judgemental.
Working with children…

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