Educating America 's Young People For The Global Economy Essay

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Educating America’s Young People for the Global Economy

“The moment I started reading the Bill Gates article about Educating America young people for the global it caught my attention.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation strives for all students in the United States to have the opportunity to receive an outstanding education. For generations, education has been the foundation for a better future in the United States. However, today other countries are catching up and are being even more successful than us in education. Times have changed and our educational system must also change. The magnate and philanthropist Bill Gates said that the further development in America is to "have a better education system.” On his essay Bill Gates points some logical arguments based on personal experiences with his wife when she visited high schools. Also, he is giving a proposal of what changes need to be made in order to have a solution for the future education of young people for the global economy. This essay contains new facts that I like to learn about. The logical arguments are based on personal or somebody else experience are what makes this essay very interesting. Also, the arguments backed up with research, authorities, and statistics caught my attention immediately.
Gates begins his essay by stating that “while statistics help us to define the need for reform, it’s the people, the students, the teachers and the principals who make those numbers real”. In his essay, Bill…

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