Economic Disparities Have Exponential Effects On The Lives Of Children

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Economic disparities have exponential effects on the lives of children. For example, in impoverished communities have a higher propensity for violence. Poverty alone can manifest in many ways resulting in low academic achievement, not pursuing a post-secondary education, and early pregnancy. To address this matter lawmakers have begun to shift how children are being taught. New studies have begun to use science as an avenue to better the field of education.

Research has found, that the cognitive functionalities of the brain are ignited by neural receptors that release neurons. The plasticity of the brain determines how long and how much the brain can retain information.

Externalities can intercept or support how the brain thrives within certain environments. Investing in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is providing students with the opportunity to thrive in a wide an array of fields including math and science. Therefore, this advocacy is designed to support surplus TIF money being invested into CPS.

Background & Future Possibilities
Within America, financially distressed school districts are indicative of issues in federal and local governance. Disparities in financially distressed school districts result from an inequity in taxable property wealth along with a myriad issues including organizational concerns.

Agenda: Illinois Senate Bill 4560 would amend the Illinois Municipal Code. Providing that municipalities containing financially distressed school…

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