Economic Disparities Between Communities With A Country And Economic Development Level

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Theoretical Background of the Study
Policy makers and economists try to discoverybelievable account for why there are wide economic disparities between communities with in a country irrespective economic development level. However, The term “Regional Development” can be understood as a process pertaining to a particular part of a country called “region”. Glassion and Freedmen have expressed the fact that regional development is linked with economic, social integrity with politics and within the spatial framework further he stressed the facts of the growth of economy is the result of the expansion of the finances. This is due to varied economic factors in the specific divisions. This is resulted in the expansion of job opportunities and social activities in continuing these activities (Freedman, 1970,) this could be activated in an interaction pattern for the development of the selected division.
However, data drawn from various databases may explain largely but not entirely the correlation between the whole range of driving forces and the outcome in a given region. Certain policy measures are successful in some areas whereas in others fail why areas with approximately similar physical and economic conditions perform so differently, is a question which merits further thought. We can identify at least four potential interactions besides all cases of non-impact: a proper set of policies according to economic theory (+) might either improve the situation (+) or not (-); a…

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