Eating Meat, Living Healthy Essay

1104 Words Jan 19th, 2016 null Page
Leaving Meat, Living Healthy Most of people believe that human cannot get enough nutrition without meat, and meat is the best source to get iron. In fact, the situation is opposite “Meat and cheese may be as bad as smoking” (Wu, 2014, para1); eating meat can cause more bad effects than benefits. On the one hand, animals have the same right as human; however, there are thousands of animals been killed every year because of the profit of the meat products. On the other hand, food additives in the meat product are not good for human. People should not eat meat in order to pay more respect to animals, to avoid absorbing less hormones they use, and to look for better substitute products of meat. The first reason that people should not eat meat is because eating meat will increase the demand of meat products; as a result, many animals undergo inhuman practices on factory farms during the processing steps. According to Animal Welfare Institute (2015), a large number of animals are suffering in factory farms where people who want to use them to make bigger profits treat them like products instead of sentient creatures. A huge number of animals are locked in a single compartment, where they can barely move; because of the lack of living space, animals can only stand in the compartment without any other normal living activities like walk or run. Animals in these living places are tend to become offensive as they attack each other in order to get more space, and these behaviors…

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