Eating Meat As A Vegetarian Essay

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An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away
Do you ever think about living longer? If you say ‘Yes’, then the question that would come to your mind is ‘How can I live longer?’ The answer is to become a vegetarian. Most people would be irritated with that advice, because it is not something that they can do so easily or they think that not eating meat is a form of punishment. That is far from the truth. Being a vegetarian can contribute to a healthier life. When a person refrains from eating meat they are more likely to live longer, less likely to develop chronic diseases, be malnourished and less likely to develop diet-related diseases. These are proven statements that resulted from people who have switched from a meat-based diet to a clean vegetarian diet. Top nutrition schools in America such as Ohio State, NYU etc. would agree that a diet with less cholesterol or fat would be better for people. A diet that consists lots of meat or consists only of meat can have some negative effects on the human body due to harmful bacteria and substances such as antibiotics that are found in meat. It is very important for people to understand the harm of diets that consist of meat, because it can really take a toll on your health and even damage your organs. The benefits that come from eating a vegetable-based diet are tremendous. People who did or do not look into such a diet have missing out, because with a diet like this a person can improve their health so much. In other words, a…

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