Eating Healthy While On The Go Essay

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Eating Healthy While On-The-Go

When you are leaving work or heading to school or running your kids back and forth to extra-curricular activities, what do you eat? Do you eat at home with your family? Do you stop at a restaurant for a quick bite to eat? Or do you pack a meal for you and your family that is healthy as well? In today’s world, we are all so busy and caught up in life that we start to forget the meaning of family and keeping our bodies healthy. One of the biggest questions is “How do I eat healthy when I am constantly on-the-go?” First off, let us start with the question of “Why is it hard for people to eat healthy today?” While conducting my research on this topic, I interviewed two separate women: one whom is a Health and Nutrition Specialist and one whom is a Pediatrician. I had a series of questions that I asked them to use for the article. I first interviewed Dr. Lynessa Alonso D.O. who is a Pediatrician. She has been in her profession for ten years. According to Dr. Alonso, many people know how to cook a healthy meal, but unfortunately going to the grocery store and shopping for our families takes time out of our day and there are a lot of easy “bad choices” available to us. I then interviewed Miss Heather Reynolds who is a Health and Nutrition Specialist. She has been in her profession for six years. According to Miss Reynolds it is hard for people to eat healthy today because there is lack of time, people are on-the-go and have busy…

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