Eating Healthy Well Balanced Meals Essay

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Autumn Whitefield-Madrano Remembers “Not wanting to participate in any games at the school fair except the cake walk; wanting those cakes so badly that I moved faster than I ever had in my life to repeatedly get the last seat, thus winning five cakes; understanding the implicit humiliation of being the fat kid who wanted five cakes but wanting those cakes more than I wanted my pride; doing my best to be gracious when my parents insisted we give away three of them. Pretending to twist my ankle at age 7 in the 50-yard dash at track and field day to spare myself the embarrassment of being the fat kid who came in last; doing the same at age 8, and 11”.
Just like Autumn one in three children in America are considered overweight and are not eating healthy well balanced meals. When kids like Autumn get older, they will not grow out of what their parents considered baby fat but will only become overweight adults. The CDC informs America that being obese leads to health problems such as “heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of preventable death”. This is where the American school system comes to play. It is mandatory for every child in America to go to school till the age of sixteen. America needs to take advantage of this opportunity they are giving themselves. The American school systems teach students about arithmetic, grammar, and science but why not about healthy eating and lifestyle.
There has been many organizations…

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