Reflection Of Supersize Me

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Nutrition Perspectives, SUPERSIZE ME
I chose to watch the documentary Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock because fast food is a vast part of society. He had a diet of nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days. He gained weight, it affected his liver, was getting depressed, lost his sex drive, his cholesterol went up and he had many other issues, proving the adverse impact that eating too much fast food can have on one’s body. When we cook at home we can control what ingredients we cook with. When we go out to eat fast food we are eating lots of preservatives, artificial flavors and artificial colors. Fast food is hard on our digestive systems. Eating too much can make us constipated and bloated. Eating high carb fast food increases blood sugar. As
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It’s easy, satisfying and cheap. It is quick when it comes to preparing food and making meals. Morgan Spurlock does not have a nutritional background therefore he recruited a dietician and several doctors to provide care for him during his experiment. This documentary was done in 2004. It is absolutely applicable today probably more than it was when the film was produced. Some changes have taken place in the fast food industry since the documentary but those changes don’t change how unhealthy fast food is. McDonald’s started offering apples in their happy meals, a smaller portion of french fries and different kinds of salads in an effort to make their menu healthier. (, n.d.) However just because you order a salad, doesn’t’ mean it is healthy. McDonald’s Premium Southwest Salad with Crispy chicken packs 450 calories (190 of which are from fat), 850 mg of sodium, 42g carbohydrates and 12g sugar. There are definitely healthier …show more content…
Our bodies need carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, protein and fat to stay healthy and productive. We get these from the foods that we eat. Carbohydrates provide out bodies with its main source of energy. Fat is the secondary source and provided energy but it harder to burn. Vitamins and minerals are only needed in small amounts but are crucial to our health. They help build body tissues and control functions in our bodies. Eating well is not about depriving or starving ourselves. We need to make sure we are getting sufficient calories from our food but not more than what we need. Drinking water is also important to flush out the toxins that build up in our bodies.
After doing this assignment, I realized that junk food companies know they are part of the problem of obesity. Everything is about making money. It doesn’t matter the expense, they just want to make money. It is our responsibility to make sure we are putting good nutrient dense foods into our bodies. We must choose foods that nourish our bodies. We need to exercise and be active. I feel that I implement exercise into my life now but not so much my children’s lives especially the healthy eating. I am going to make a conscious effort to not just stop and grab fast food just because it is

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