Essay on Eating Habit : How People Eat, And Our Selection Of Food

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Eating habit refers to what and how people eat, and our selection of food. Every human being has to eat food to survive, and food also produces immunity against disease. Every meal is organized mixtures of food items served at a certain time throughout the day. Most people are adjusted with the habit of eating three meals in a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). The first meals we eat is at the breakfast. In general, breakfast consist of lighter food as compared to lunch and dinner. People believe that having a good breakfast will help you to increase concentration in your classroom or work. The second meals we eat is at lunch. In general, lunch consist of re-energizes your body. People believe that having a lunch can renew your energy and help you feel refreshed and prepare you to take on the next several hours. The last meals we have is at dinner. In general, dinner helps us to sleep well because it’s the last meal of the day before you go to sleep for about 8 hours, and you will still need energy while you sleep. Yet even though most Americans are comfortable with eating three meals a day, there are other options. For instance, people in some cultures consume only two relatively complete meals a day. They believe that eating just two large meals a day instead of eating three normal sized meals will help them to lowers their weight and body fat, but it will increase blood pressure. They think that having more than three meals per day will lower their blood pressure. These…

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