Earth Is The Only Home For The Human Race Essay

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Earth is the only home for the human race, and since the beginning of mankind, people have continually consumed and destroyed its natural resources. Due to the industrial revolution in the 18th century, the world’s resources began to decline, and from then on, they have been rapidly decreasing. People do not seem to care much about the Earth until problems arise. The planet is in a current state of exhaustion from humankind’s activities. Without awareness of the consequences of all human ventures, there is a possibility that resources will become obsolete for current and/or future populations. Johan Rockstrom, a researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Center, developed nine planetary boundaries below which Earth must stay to remain a safe environment for all living things. Although these limits are all interconnected, the two most important areas to focus on are the amount of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere and the usage of land for agriculture. Greenhouse gases can be released into the atmosphere from many different sources such as the production of electricity, the use of transportation, the burning of fossil fuels, and many more. These emissions lead to the “world’s most intractable sustainability problem… climate change” (Goodall 106). The gases in the atmosphere increase the temperature of the Earth and change the environment that is needed for human survival. A climate increase can melt the ice caps, causing a rise sea level, and produce different weather…

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