Clean Power Plan To Fight Climate Change

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People live in an ever changing world. Humans have seen the jump in the use of technology, modern medicine, and education. People are living longer than ever and doing amazing things with the extra time. In this time of advancement humans have also managed to hurt the environment a great deal. Of the past one thousand years, the last one hundred were the warmest (Di Silvestro). What changed? Has the development of technology irreversibly changed the Earth’s climate? What can people do to protect what is left? It is clear that the world society should help to clean up the environment to ensure the future of Earth so that the planet still supports life.
Many people decide not to care. They think that it is not their problem or they decide to
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Every person has a reason to care about what is happening to the planet. What can society do to combat what has happened to the world? It is important to highlight what is already being done. The President of the United States, Barack Obama, is backing an action plan against climate change ("President Obama 's Plan to Fight Climate Change"). The plan will have various parts to it. One part of it is called the Clean Power Plan. This part of the plan is going to make carbon dioxide emissions drop thirty-two percent by the year 2030 ("President Obama 's Plan to Fight Climate Change"). This drop in emissions will help with the issues carbon dioxide is causing our atmosphere. This part of the deal would also specifically affect residents in Indiana. Eighteen percent of Hoosiers suffer from asthma ("President Obama 's Plan to Fight Climate Change"). This reduction of carbon dioxide would also help those individuals. The plan will create thousands of new jobs in the renewable energy field ("President Obama 's Plan to Fight Climate Change"). This will cause a boost in our economy. The Action Plan is still in the developing stages, but it is a promising solution for a number of America’s climate …show more content…
Solar energy is becoming easier to get, simpler to install, and cheaper to buy. Solar power is expanding faster than any other power source (Pinner). People are realizing that solar energy is the most practical option. The International Energy Agency projects that by 2050 solar power will be generating twenty-seven percent of electricity worldwide (Pinner). Using more solar power means that less emissions will be released and the Earth will not be as polluted.
People can do many small things to assist in the fight against a warming climate. The list of green initiatives is practically endless. Switch light bulbs to compact fluorescents. These bulbs last much longer than normal light bulbs. These bulbs also use less energy than regular light bulbs. When light bulbs are more efficient it means that less power is wasted. This is good for the homes that are powered by fossil fuels. When power is wasted so are fossil fuels. Switching light bulbs helps the problem of climate

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