Global Warming: Climate Change And Development By Hannah George

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International Politics & Decision Making
November 14, 2015

Climate Change and Development
By Hannah George

The industrial civilization signaled development and modernization with increased energy use, urbanization and population growth. Svante Arhenius, a Swedish scientist was the first to point out the “greenhouse law” linking carbon dioxide emissions to burning of fossil fuels which potentially leads to atmospheric warming and changes in climate. If global temperatures are not contained to less than 2 degrees Celsius, many ecosystems are projected to reach ecological tipping points affecting vital ecosystem services that underpin food and water supply.

Climate change policies “require cooperation between different parties that extend
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Studies show human-induced actions are causing the average temperatures to increase and in the long run melting ice caps and increasing sea levels will have the most severe impacts of global warming on our societies, if left unabated. Small island states account for two thirds of the countries with highest annual disaster losses relative to GDP. Cities are vulnerable due to concentration of assets and people and degradation of protective ecosystems. Many large cities are coastal, in deltas, or on rivers and at risk of flooding from powerful storms or rising sea levels. Globally, 80% of the largest cities are vulnerable to severe earthquakes and 60% at risk from tsunamis and storm surges. 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation, unsustainable agricultural practices, and changes in land …show more content…
From a “realist” lens, in the interest of maintaining and improving positions and the desire to advance economically, some states collaborate despite odds with other countries that may require tradeoffs. The majority of countries have adopted strategies and targets to assist monitoring and keep track of climate change initiatives in respective countries. 146 countries and the EU (about 75% of countries) have already submitted their intended targets in advance of the Paris climate

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