What Is Global Warming Really An Issue

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Climate Change Many debate whether global warming and climate change is really an issue. It should not even be up for debate. Here are some facts about global climate change, according to the Tenth Edition Environmental Science; by Daniel D. Chiras: There are thousands of temperature sensors distributed over land and sea all across the surface of the Earth. Readings from these sensors show that there has been a steady increase in the average global temperature since the 1880’s. Glaciers in Antarctica and other mountainous areas are melting. This melting has caused sea levels to rise over six and a half inches in the last century. The Earth has existed for millions of years. One hundred years is but merely a fleck of time. In addition to rising sea levels, ocean temperatures have been rising. As water temperatures increase, it also expands. This may be why sea levels are raising and storms are occurring more frequently and are stronger than ever, particularly hurricanes. Polar ice sheets have been breaking up and are starting to diminish. A …show more content…
If something does not change, then the future of not only the human race, but also the Earth, will be at risk. Something must be done to slow this process. This is why doing nothing to control carbon emissions is not an option. Greenhouse gas emissions are caused by many things. The largest portion of emissions comes from energy production, transportation and industries. Other contributors include agriculture and land use. There are several gases that are considered to be greenhouse gas emissions. They include Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and Hydrofluorocarbons are the most common. Carbon Dioxide is considered to be the worst of them. When these gases enter the atmosphere, they act as a barrier that traps radiation under them. The radiation heats the surface of the Earth more than it would normally be

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