Essay on Early Education : A Stepping Stone

1095 Words Oct 5th, 2015 null Page
Nicholas Davis’ “Early Education a Stepping Stone” from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle informs readers that early childhood education should be reformed and set to a higher standard, so that children are well prepared to succeed in grade school, high school, and eventually, their futures. As of now, most early childhood education facilities act as babysitters—watching children while their parents are at work. Davis suggests that these facilities should do more than that, by offering a brain-engaging curriculum to help children start their mental development earlier on in life. This way, when they reach elementary school, and eventually high school, they will have a broader expanse of knowledge at their fingertips. In “Early Education a Stepping Stone,” Davis uses a balance of strong ethos in the form of ethical appeals, combined with pathos and his message, to successfully persuade his audience to expand early childhood education. Nicholas Davis is an educated man with a soft spot for children. He has at least a college bachelor’s degree and belongs to the middle or upper class. Davis’ main argument is that early childhood education should start an earlier age and be more educational. Davis’ ethos does not prove that he is a credible writer; rather, it makes his audience think and reflect back to their own morals. Though it is clear that he is just as qualified to talk about early childhood education as anyone else is that understands how important those formative years are…

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