Essay about Early Adulthood : New Challenges And It Causes

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Early adulthood imposes new challenges and it causes us to cognitively develop. The older we get the more our gross and fine motor skills refine. We are concrete problem-solvers and have the ability to overcome new situations and difficulties. Many early-aged adults believe they have the solution to every problem. In early adulthood we have been through the final stages of formal operation, however there has been a dispute regarding if there is a higher stage of formal operations. Evidentially, there is an idea of a fifth stage of post-formal operation. This stage is broken down into three sections, firstly adults come to realize there is no absolute just relativity. This means no matter how much data we conclude about something it will never be 100% for everyone, it will be relatively similar to everyone just never absolute. Secondly, young adults learn not everyone has the same ideas and beliefs. Many people they encounter will have different viewpoints and sometimes even they don’t agree with it they must take that action for a better purpose sometimes. Finally, adults recognize that contradiction is inherent to life. In summary, sometimes parents or young adults have to make decisions to support other people even if they don’t like what they are doing. However, moral development is a little different. Moral development is the process in which people develop attitudes and behaviors to others. By early adulthood we have acquired some wisdom and have usually distinguished…

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