Essay on E Books Benefits And Effects On Readers

1876 Words Aug 6th, 2015 null Page
E-Book Benefits and Effects on Readers Technologies in society are changing the way we work and learn. Today one of the most popular ways to read is by tablet where people can purchase in app stores to buy his or her favorite books. But sometimes e-books have some adverse effects on memory. E-book is a revolutionary way of reading. Sometimes people with disabilities can benefit by reading e-books because of new technologies can annotate; also students can learn faster and improve reading comprehension anytime without having to worry too much on the paper form. Instead, automatic annotation can help readers understand the context of the story. Whether if electronic devices use to learn to read and write, electronic devices have pros and cons about them. Automatic annotation in electronic book can be let readers access any parts of the sentence to get a clue of the story. According to Wu-Yuin Hwang, Technologies reading help students to understand. The annotation in the device enables the student to learn materials faster (et al. Hwang 294). Because automatic annotation (if possible) can be easily access by readers, he or she can get the points of a certain words, and understand the meaning behind the story. Also the fact that writing and speaking skills can be mastered faster than sitting in the classroom hear the lectures from teachers, and even do too much critical thinking.
In other times, electronic books can help readers locate the information they wanted. People…

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